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Delica and Luke Sketches

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Delica sketch 3Fever

Julie is powering through her list of commissions (as well as her poster for “STATION ZERO” at Light Grey Art Lab), and will be back to work on the next update very soon! In the meantime, here are a couple of new sketches of Delica and Luke.

Update Preview

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We’re working hard on the next update (pages 8, 9, and 10). Here’s a panel from page 8 (which I worked on during a livestream on Friday night). Background and colors somewhat unfinished so I’ll call it a work in progress~ Right now we’re coming up with some small things to post a few times every week to keep the site fresh between updates. Thanks for keeping up with us and the next update will be up asap!

Pages Six & Seven Posted

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In the latest update, Ander instigates investigates a disturbance in the tavern. In other news, we’ve signed up with Comic Rocket so you can add us to your list of webcomics if you’re on there.

As we get rolling on the next update, I’ll be posting a few articles about the three kingdoms in the Compendium (for anyone interested in the lore). We’re also starting the final edits on the prequel novel so I can start laying it out in the coming month.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’re enjoying the story so far!