About the Comic

“Lost in the Vale” is truly a collaboration of husband and wife team Alan and Crystal Curtis. Crystal has slowly developed the idea since 2006, quietly inventing the world of Andalusia and its characters with a single story in mind – the story of Delica Tinderfield (“Tinder”) and her lost love, Christian, the young Prince of Andalusia.

When she was finally confident enough in her ideas and abilities to start on the webcomic, Crystal enlisted the help of her husband, artist and writer Alan Curtis, to flesh out the story and help mold her details in to a broader, richer history.

Crystal Curtis

Crystal is a freelance illustrator and designer with a BFA in Graphic Design. Her traditional work has been displayed in numerous galleries and juried shows, taking honors in both drawing and design. She is known online for her work as “firstfruits”.

Alan Curtis

Alan is a conceptual artist, writer, and graphic designer with a BFA in Graphic Design. Alan has collected several collegiate awards in both art and English.  He works as an art instructor and freelance web designer / programmer while completing his graduate studies. His book-art and contemporary installations have recently been displayed in both local and national exhibits.


While the comic is a truly collaborative effort, there is some division of labor…

Art Credits

Crystal handles almost all of the art – the pencils, inks, colors, designs, etc.
Alan contributes page layouts, lettering, and the occasional concept sketch or idea.

Writing Credits

Alan handles most of the writing – the history, the overall plots, and the actual scripts.
Crystal collaborates on certain plot details, characters, and the occasional storyline.