Note: We don’t post spoilers in the compendium.

That said, if you want to go in COMPLETELY fresh, you may not want to read anything here.

The Compendium is a sort of guidebook to the universe in which “Lost in the Vale” takes place. The information is not critical to read, but it is presented to help paint a clearer picture of the world of our story and to serve as supplemental information for those who wish to know more about its broader history.. However, for a basic idea of what’s going on in the fictional land of Andalusia, we recommend reading the overview.

In truth, “Lost in the Vale” is but one story we hope to tell in this world. We have plans for stories beyond the borders of Andalusia – both in the distant past and the near future.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the world or would like some hints or ideas at where we’re headed next, you may enjoy exploring the articles and updates here.