Luke Fairchild

Luke Fairchild Luke Fairchild is the newest member of the junior Outrunners, having only served for just under two years. He was placed in Daniel’s group after a short stint in the field where he proved himself as a valuable asset to the King’s forces. He is skilled with a blade and takes to most activities with a natural ease, being a jack-of-all-trades. Unlike the others, he is quiet and reserved, though very friendly and approachable. Luke usually listens and chimes in only when it’s appropriate or when he has something witty to say. He seems touchy about his past and doesn’t offer up much of himself to others, being very guarded and defensive. His love for fellow Outrunner Delica is almost crippling in its intensity.

When the chips are down, Luke is a charismatic public speaker. His ability to lie with grace and ease is troubling.