The Story

Delica was having trouble reading the letter as her eyes filled with tears. On one hand, this was a confirmation that the young man she’d met in the vale, the one with whom she’d shared a one-day whirlwind summer romance really was Christian Andler, the Prince of Andalusia. On the other hand, it also meant he wasn’t coming to the town square like they’d planned.

Over the next several days, she’d learn that the prince had fled the castle to escape an arranged marriage, one that would end their courtship before it could truly begin. He’d left instructions for her to meet him in the forest, only he wasn’t there, either. He was missing, presumed lost in the vale.

It’s been almost seven years since then. Delica (known as “Tinder” to her friends) travels the country as a junior member of the Outrunners, a roaming force of peacekeepers who serve the throne. As she and her companions, Luke, Daniel, Alex, and Ander, carry out assignments and assist the citizens of Andalusia, Delica’s jaw is set, her vision fixed on one thing and one thing only – those haunting final words from Prince Christian’s letter:

“As long as you still desire it, we will find each other again. This, I promise.”