Daniel Abernathy

Daniel Abernathy Since forever, the Abernathy name has been synonymous with pick-pockets, con-men, and general thievery. In order to rise above his family’s lackluster reputation, Daniel had to learn fast how to stay calm under pressure and to develop a thick skin. These traits, combined with his ability to observe, analyze, and read people make him a natural leader. Despite his family name, he quickly impressed his superiors and rose through the ranks to become the Runner In Charge for a small group of junior Outrunners.

Daniel’s mellow attitude can sometimes be misconstrued as “casual” or “indifferent”, a misconception he uses to his advantage – laying low, letting people talk as he observes them. He is a gifted poet and singer / song-writer with a talent for the lute. During their assignments, Daniel will often take work as a bard in the various inns and taverns in the Vale, earning a bit of extra money on the side
(as well as picking up rumors and information from the locals).