The Kingdoms

The continent on which “Lost in the Vale” takes place is divided into three kingdoms, each one named after its founding family.


The kingdom in which our story takes place is the neutral kingdom of Andalusia. Before the splitting of the three families, the entire continent was called Andalusia (the name of the oldest of the families).  The current kingdom of Andalusia is located in the southernmost region of the continent, surrounded by a an impassable mountain range. Because of its neutrality, Andalusia is free to expend its (many) natural resources on science, research, and technology instead of war (as the other two kingdoms do). (More…)


The Northwestern kingdom is home to the Espinosians, known for their copper skin, peculiar language, and their fierce passion.  Espinosa occupies a dry, arid region of the continent – a harsh environment that produces harsh people. As a nation, they are extremely proud, considering themselves to be superior in most every respect. They feel it is their right to eventually rule the land, simply because no one could do it better than they could.


The Portians are a very haughty, “civilized” people that feel it is their destiny to eventually rule the continent. Before the splitting of the three families, their oldest descendant claims to have received a prophecy from a goat who spoke with a man’s voice while he was lost in the woods. The goat told him that one day the Portians would control all of Andalusia.  Combined with their hatred for the prideful Espinosians, the Portians are determined to see the conflict through to its only possible conclusion: their victory.