Delica Tinderfield

Delica Tinderfield Delica Tinderfield (called “Tinder” by some)  joined the Outrunners at the young age of fourteen. While traveling to the barracks to begin her training, she met a young man in the Vale with whom she spent a magical summer day before the two had to part. That young man turned out to be the Prince of Andalusia. Before they could reunite in the capital (as they’d planned), the Prince went missing – running away from home to escape an arranged marriage.

Delica’s home life was marred by tragedy when her older brother, Feneon, was killed by wild wolves while the two of them were playing in the Vale. Her chance encounter with the prince was a sorely needed bright spot in her short life. When she lost him, too, she made it her mission to find him. Delica is genuinely loyal and thoughtful, but her determination (though some would say ‘obsession’) and her bitterness can put people off.