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We’re rapidly approaching the long-awaited (at least for us) launch of “Lost in the Vale”! I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about how we plan on publishing the comic, what we have planned for the site, and where you can go for more as we prepare for the first update.

Yes, who’s speaking, please?

My name is Alan Curtis, Jr. I’m the head writer and a contributing concept and layout artist for the comic. I also handle the website design / programming duties. I’m really thrilled that my wife Julie – the artist and the creator of this tale – has invited me to help build the world she dreamed up so many years ago, and I’m even more thrilled that there are people waiting to read about it!

When’s the comic coming out?

Sooner than later. Sorry to be so vague, but I can’t give you a time and date. We’ll be posting updates here as we churn away on the first update – a 5-10 page scene introducing our main characters and kicking off the story we’ll be telling for the comic. The script for the update is done. Right now we’re finishing up the layouts and working on the first pages.

The Site – Some helpful info

We’re maintaining an FAQ that might answer some of your burning questions about the story, the art, or whatever else.

We’re also putting together a Compendium on the comic – a sort of wiki about the world surrounding our story and the characters in it. (Don’t worry, we don’t post spoilers in the Compendium)

On the front page, we’ll be adding a progress bar illustrating how far away we are from posting the next update as well as what will be included in the next update.

Our Update Schedule and Procedure

Rather than publishing a single page on a set day of the week, we will be posting updates a scene at a time, as they’re completed. This benefits our workflow much better and ensures that we’re happy with the quality of each release. It also allows you to experience the story without inconvenient breaks in the momentum or the mood we’re establishing with each scene.

Looking ahead…

In the coming months, we’ll be expanding the site, adding comments, forums, and whatever else we may need to foster a community of fans who want to keep up with the comic. We’re also interested in eventually publishing the comic in printed volumes, hitting the convention circuit, and moving more towards doing what we love for a living – and that’s making this comic.

Thank you!

Knowing there are people out there who are waiting to read the comic – who have been following these characters through my wife Julie’s amazing artwork – knowing there are people who actually care – above all else, that’s what keeps me motivated. Thanks for caring about our story and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Finally, I have to thank Julie who has worked so hard to establish a fan base for the comic before it even technically existed. I’m taken aback by what she’s quietly accomplished, scribbling away on her tablet in the corner of the living room. It’s inspiring.

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  1. Lukael says:

    The website is looking really great so far! Good job! Keep up the great work, both of you. I’ve already read the available articles and pages on the website, it’s all very neat and professional-looking. I can’t wait to dig into the comic itself and get to know all these characters better.

  2. jerry says:

    Am so thrilled for you both. Your hard work and dedication shines thru.Of course being one of your biggest fans,I can’t wait love you both.

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