Five-page Update in the Works

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Update: It’s posted! (More about the future of the comic after the break.)

We’re currently toiling away on the next update – pages 13 – 17.  While we’ve both been side-tracked by all manner of professional and personal projects, we’re trying to find a way to speed up our update schedule; it’s one of our big goals for 2014.

For this one, Crystal is working in stages, meaning she’s trying to do all of the steps at the same time (all pencils, all inks, all colors) for all pages. Hopefully, this will prove a faster way to work so we won’t be going so long without an update. We’re still trying to nail down a process that allows us to balance our other commitments with the comic.

Looking Ahead

Our first big goal for the new year is to work faster and to update frequently. As we continue to explore ways to speed up, I’m also compiling an offline wiki that details all of the characters, locations, history, and plot details of our world, the continent of Andalusia.While a lot of this info is spoilery some of it isn’t, and I’ll be posting some of that in lore updates and in the compendium. This will help add some context to the story, pass some time between pages, and give you something new to see when you visit the site between pages.

Another one of our big goals is to get the first chapter finished and posted as soon as possible. Obviously, we’re passionate about the story and we want to actually tell it, but there’s another reason. Once we’ve completed the first chapter, we can release the prequel novel which is currently in the second wave of editing. I’m simultaneously working on the second novel, and that’s about a third of the way done.

Thanks for sticking with us!

For those of you who have been keeping up with the comic since the beginning, thanks for sticking around! We’ve been way slower than we wanted to be, and we’re grateful that you haven’t bailed on us.

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