Return to the Vale

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We’re excited to announce that after a long hiatus, the comic will be returning with regular updates!
More news under the cut~

For the time being, we’re planning on pacing ourselves and building up a large page buffer. We plan on updating once a week on Mondays for the time being.
We’d love to update twice or even three times every week, and we plan to, once we’ve formed a healthy routine and Crystal has found her drawing groove after the baby gets here.
(By the way, we’re expecting a baby girl in late September!) For now, we’re just so glad to be back at it, working on what we love.

Also, we now have a patreon for supporting the comic!
We have tiers starting at just $1, and any amount would be a great help! LitV is now Crystal’s official job! The more support we get, the more she can stay focused on the comic and less on taking outside commissions/work to make ends meet. (Needless to say she’s incredibly excited about this idea… lol.) If you find it in your budget to toss us some coin, we’d be so grateful. Thank you.

We think we have some pretty great (and very doable) rewards for the tiers, so feel free to check them out and let us know if you have any suggestions for new rewards!
So for now, we’re working hard on future pages, editing the prequel novels, patreon payouts, designing merchandise, and looking into printers for our future plans of printing the first two issues before con season next year, when we hope to start making Artist Alley appearances! (Again, Crystal is super excited!)

Thanks so much for all the support you guys have given us, even when we were off the grid. For every piece of encouragement you guys gave Crystal (and for any complaints reminding her about how long it had been since the comic updated lol). We’re so grateful! We’re also incredibly thankful to God, without whom this story never would have started in the first place and certainly without whom we’d not be working on it again! So, see you guys every week from now on!
~Crystal & Alan

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