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The first five pages of “Lost in the Vale” are getting closer to completion! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on these past several weeks.

Four of the five pages have been lined and colored, leaving one more to go! Then we’ll add the words and they’ll (finally) be ready. Here are a few thumbnails to help convince you we’re not bluffing:


Julie has also been posting some previews and stuff over at our tumblr. (She’s also slipped a few in on her personal tumblr, too.)

Prequel Novels

In related news, I’m currently on chapter twenty-nine of the forty-chapter “Lost in the Vale” prequel novel. At this rate, I should have it finished, edited, and ready to print by June. We won’t be able to release it then (as it contains a multitude of spoilers for the comic), but we do hope to offer it shortly thereafter. It’s the first of a two-part series – I’ll be starting on book two this Fall.

Remember, you can send us questions or keep up with us through the usual social sites. Thanks for keeping us on your radar!

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