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Long Time No See…

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The comic is not dead! Shortly after our last update, both of our full-time jobs became all-consuming thanks to a super-busy summer season. We’re not done by a long shot. If it makes you feel any better, the script for the first 40-something pages is written, we just have to find the time to actually produce them.

Thanks to all of you who have posted or messaged or contacted us about the comic. As cliche as it is to say, your support means more to us than we can express through a lame apology post.

Five-page Update in the Works

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Update: It’s posted! (More about the future of the comic after the break.)

We’re currently toiling away on the next update – pages 13 – 17.  While we’ve both been side-tracked by all manner of professional and personal projects, we’re trying to find a way to speed up our update schedule; it’s one of our big goals for 2014. (more…)

Page 8 up!

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Page 8 is now up! Also, we now have some official LitV buttons up for sale! Check ’em out HERE! We hope to add more merchandise like prints and such soon~ Thanks for your support!!

What’s Up


Julie is currently working on some commissions, so that means there’s been a short-term delay in the production of the next update. The good news for the long-term is that we’ve acquired some new gear to help us speed things up! More on this (and a couple of other projects) after the break… (more…)

Pages Six & Seven Posted

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In the latest update, Ander instigates investigates a disturbance in the tavern. In other news, we’ve signed up with Comic Rocket so you can add us to your list of webcomics if you’re on there.

As we get rolling on the next update, I’ll be posting a few articles about the three kingdoms in the Compendium (for anyone interested in the lore). We’re also starting the final edits on the prequel novel so I can start laying it out in the coming month.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’re enjoying the story so far!


First update is up!


We’ve posted the first five pages of Chapter 01 – “The One You Feed”. We’re also working on some “under the hood” stuff for the site (like a better comic index and that mythical progress bar). (more…)

Progress Report

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The first five pages of “Lost in the Vale” are getting closer to completion! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on these past several weeks.


We got “lost”

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Wait a second… wasn’t this comic called “In the Vale”? Yes, it was, and while that was a fine name, we have decided to officially rename the comic to “Lost in the Vale” before any of the pages officially go live. (more…)