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Julie is currently working on some commissions, so that means there’s been a short-term delay in the production of the next update. The good news for the long-term is that we’ve acquired some new gear to help us speed things up! More on this (and a couple of other projects) after the break…

New Tablet

Our new Yiynova monitor tablet is going to help us make the comic faster. How? Well, for starters, that puts us back to two tablets (after our others were stolen a couple of months ago), so we’ll be able to work on the pages simultaneously. Layouts will be easier for me to sketch directly onto the screen, and I’ll also be able to contribute more to the penciling. If you’ve noticed a slow pace on our progress bar the past week or so, don’t fret – it’s gonna kick into a higher gear very soon (once Julie finishes her commissions).

About Chapter One

If this were a print comic, the first chapter is sort of like a “GIANT-SIZED DOUBLE ISSUE!”, coming in at around 40-ish pages.  When it’s done, we’ll have introduced the world of Andalusia, the main characters of our story, and the kinds of challenges they’ll be facing. I won’t over-sell it, but the final pages will deliver “A STUNNING SUPER-SHOCK THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER!!!”, maybe, sort of, more or less.

The Prequel Novel

Once the first chapter has been uploaded, we’ll (hopefully) be able to release the prequel novel, [TITLE WITHHELD]. I’m in the process of editing it and that’s going smoothly enough. Initial designs for the cover and the actual book layout have also begun.

Other Stuff

Though we’ve only posted seven pages so far, we have big plans for LitV.  One of those plans involves selling some cool stuff to help support the time and effort we put into the comic. We’re exploring some options, but we hope to have the first of such merch available soon:  some nifty 1.25″ “Lost in the Vale” pin-back buttons.

We’ve got a lot of story to tell and we’re constantly looking for ways to tell it faster (without sacrificing quality). Thanks for keeping us on your radar and we hope you’ll continue the journey with us!


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  1. Lukael says:

    That’s all very nice. I’d be curious to try that tablet. The novel also intrigues me very much! Can’t wait to read that. Merch is a good idea, hope it works well. Future is interesting for LitV, not to mention maybe even a french translation in the works! ;D

    • Julie says:

      Hahaha, indeed! 🙂 Nous voulons s’il vous plaît à nos lecteurs de langue française! (Used a translator; if I said something bad, I blame google!!!) Thanks, Luk!

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