We got “lost”

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Wait a second… wasn’t this comic called “In the Vale”? Yes, it was, and while that was a fine name, we have decided to officially rename the comic to “Lost in the Vale” before any of the pages officially go live.


A couple of days after we launched the site, another comic site launched that matched our domain (valecomic.com) with one extra word. We had to make a choice – ignore it (after all, we launched first and have been using “In the Vale” for years), or change ours to avoid any future complications and confusion. We opted for the latter.

A blessing in disguise

“In the Vale” was a fine title, but I sometimes wondered if it said enough about the story. The vagueness of it gave it a certain mystery, but we had gone back and forth over coming up with something more descriptive. “Lost in the Vale” actually references a lot of things. For a start, much of the story centers on Delica and her obsession with finding the lost Prince of Andalusia. In a sense, she herself is lost inside of her own quest. There are several other connections and connotations about the word ‘lost’ that apply to our story – some more literal than others – but I don’t want to give too much away. We were also lucky enough to get a domain that is an exact match for our new title…


The name change (and the move to the new domain) has caused some technical problems that I am currently resolving – you may not even notice (except for the numerous references I’ll have to change to the old title). We’ll also be implementing these changes through all of our social sites we’ve listed here. You’ll want to update any bookmarks you have to “lostinthevale.com” (though valecomic.com will still redirect here). As for the social sites – it appears we’ll be able to just change the name / account name associated with those, so if you follow / like / befriend / watch / stalk / lurk / etc. any of those, you shouldn’t have to make any changes.

PS – None of this has affected the progress of the comic. Julie hasn’t missed a beat drawing on the new pages and I’ve managed to get a lot of writing done in the past week.

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